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Traditional Chinese Medicine helps you on your unique journey back to balance, a holistic health system that provides the tools to support you in a natural and drug free way.




Acupuncture is an ancient healing method involving the insertion of super fine single-use needles into specific points in the body. Through the stimulation of the needles, acupuncture can bring back balance and functionality to the different body systems, reduce pain and inflamation and improve circulation. It can be combined with moxa, which is a blend of processed Artemisa Vulgaris that is used to warm and nourish a specific area or acupuncture point.

Traditional Chinese medicine works on the physical, mental and emotional state of the body restoring the balance between them.

Herbal medicine has been used in ancient China for centuries improving the health of each individual, working from the interior of the body to the exterior.

The herbs are blended together in a way that balances out the formula, creating a perfect environment for regeneration and nourishement, bringing back the body's ability to heal.

Herbs can be taken in different formats, teas made with dried herbs or granules disolved in warm water,  tinctures, capsules or pills and sometimes they are added to ointments , oils and creams for external skin conditions.


Facial acupuncture is a natural way to keep your skin nourished and toned, promoting the regeneration of new cells, collagen, skin elasticity and hydration. 

Included in the treatment are distal relaxation points, hot towel and post treatment oils. Facial sessions give an immediate toned look and sensation to the face, but should be taken consecutively over time to allow the body's natural resources to build up for a longer lasting result.


Symto-Thermal Method, wich is a FAM ( fertility awareness double check method) is a 99.6% scientifically proven natural conception and contraception method when taught by a certified instructor. 

It is understanding body literacy, taking charge of your fertility and becoming aware of your body's natural cycles and needs. It is a fantastic self care tool to be learned and can be applied with Traditional Chinese Medicine to help regulate menstruation or support fertility treatments.

For more information on he next Natural Fertility Cycle Course please click here.


Josephine S.

Charlotte is amazingly gifted. Not only does she take the time to understand you, your body and it's history, she also talks you through the impacts and or causes of that history. This in itself helped me to connect more and help me to become healthier.

I have had the best results with Charlotte and trust her entirely. Her magic hands easily relieve pain or pressures. I have had amazing results with herbal treatments, acupuncture and cupping. 

She is brilliant and passionate about what she does and constantly growing her knowledge to best help her clients. 

Truly amazing !

Louise K.

I have been treated by Charlotte for quite a while with a combination of acupuncture and herbs. It has helped all of my many problems.


 I have suffered with acid reflux, carpal tunnel, arthritic joints all over, migraines plus frozen shoulders and pulled muscles. Her treatments are relaxing and the sessions and make me feel amazing afterwards. I highly recommend Charlotte's treatments to all.

Claus M.

In the past, Charlotte helped me with several health problems. Back pain, digestive trouble and also a chronic liver problem were successfully treated with regular acupuncture sessions . Nowadays I come for a couple of MOT treatments every few months and enjoy good health. One can say the needles and I have beome good friends.

Juan D.

Charlotte helped me understand the dynamics of my body, how to take care of my health seasonally through food energetics and healthy lifestyle habits.  I have a degenerative genetic condition which chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture is helping me keep at bay.  She takes the time that is needed, she is very caring and calm and I can highly recommend Charlotte's treatments to anyone interested in trying TCM, my journey with this medicine has been  a life changing experience. 



Alba Therapy Clinic

Wednesdays, Thursdays 

£45 - 60 min

£30-£45 sliding scale for low income/student/ special circumstances

Albany St Clinic & The Natural Fertility Center

Mondays & Tuesdays 11.00 - 18.00

£38 - 30 min

£47 - 45 min

£55 - 60 min

£190 - 6 x 30min sessions (First consultation required)

Chinese Herbal Medicine


£50 - Herbal formula 1st consultation (excluding herbs) 

£30 - Herbal formula follow up consultation (excluding herbs)


Natural Family Planning & Cycle Awareness 


Taught on demand



More than 24 hours: There is no charge if the cancellation is made 24 hours before your appointment.


Within 24 hours: Half the price of your treatment if the cancellation is made within one day of the appointment.


No shows: Please cover the full price if you don’t show up without any notice.


Josephine S.


A little about me!

I was brought up on a smallholding in Andalucía in Southern Spain. Homegrown food, lots of animals and wild open spaces rooted me deeply in nature and led to an exciting journey of developing an ever-expanding holistic view of the world.


After some travels in Asia and courses in naturopathy and permaculture, I finally started a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012.

I studied Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Escuela MTC Madrid-Universidad del Atlántico in Spain, following the standard 4 year curriculum of the Beijin and Yunnan universities.

As a new graduate, I did an internship at the Vajravarahi Healthcare Clinic in Nepal for 10 weeks in 2016. It was a wonderful and very valuable experience which inspired me to start working straight away when I returned to my home town in Southern Spain. I ran a succesful clinic for several years while continuing further professional developlment.


In 2019, I became an associate practitioner at the Women's Natural Health Practice after studying the post graduate diploma course in TCM Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Ireland.

I relocated to Edinburgh to continue my profession in the UK and I'm currently studying NFP training (Natural Family Planning) to help women take charge of their cycles and hormonal health. Online and group courses will be available soon!

I'm a fully insured member of the RCHM (Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine) in the UK and Practitioners Register in Spain. 

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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Charlotte Machin

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